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Few of us are satisfied with retreating from the world and just thinking about ourselves. In Homeless Care, we want our training and coaching to manifest and be of benefit. Therefore, we vow to wake up not just for ourselves but for the welfare of the young homeless people of Kildare.


HC-CLG was founded by a group of local concerned individuals in Naas following a hearing from social care worker, Paula Mc Hale, on national radio where she describes the homeless problem with young homeless adults out of state care in the Kildare area.


The Company was incorporated in December 2014 and Charitable Status and Approved Housing Body Status were applied for and granted in June/July 2015.


A suitable derelict property was identified on the outskirts of Naas consisting of a farmhouse and outbuildings on 6 acres. CAS government funding was applied for the purchase and refurbishment of which was partially approved in February 2016 and the sale closed in September 2016.


The CAS funding was to purchase the property, to convert the outbuildings to 12 studio apartments, and re-fenestrate the farmhouse, but as the CAS funding fell somewhat short, Homeless Care CLG raised the finance to bridge this shortfall.


Planning Permission and Contract Award were completed in November 2019 and initial CAS funding was received in December 2019. The cost of the property was funded initially from director loans. The design team costs were funded from local events and local businesses. The Design Team have been generous and extremely helpful in bringing the project forward to its current state.


A sum of greater than €500,000 was raised by Homeless Care CLG to complete the project in January 2021.


Homeless Care CLG wish to thank local businesses, Kildare People, The Construction Industry Federation, The Civil Engineering Contractors Association, and businesses across the country for their very generous support to date for our charity.

Update on our facility at Jigginstown Manor,
Naas | February 2022

Construction works were completed in early February 2021 and a License Agreement entered in to with Tiglin to manage the facility.

Tiglin moved on site in mid-February, and in accordance with the agreed policies between the relevant parties, Tiglin, Kildare County Council and Homeless Care, all Residents are required to come off the Kildare Homeless List unless otherwise specifically agreed by the three parties for any individual.  It was also agreed that occupancy would take place at a relatively slow pace to ensure a peaceful and tranquil transition from homelessness.

We are pleased to say that to date nine of the twelve studio apartments are occupied by Residents, four of the occupants have secured employment and 2 are in further education.  We are working towards full occupancy in the coming months with the occupants being trained and educated for a successful transition and reintegration back into the community.

The opening and functioning of Jigginstown Manor would not have happened if were not for the help and support of so many companies and individuals and for this we are extremely grateful.

Chambers Ireland have also awarded John Cradock Ltd. the Sustainable Business Impact Award 2021, Winner of ‘Excellence in Community, partnership with a charity (LIC)’.  The award recognises the work being carried out by companies in Ireland who engage in considered partnership with a charity and offer support through a variety of collaborative means, with staff engagement, skills sharing and more of relevance’.

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