Governance Policy

To comply with good practice and meet Housing Agency requirements the Board of Directors meet at least four times per annum and hold an Annual General Meeting.

Board members are not remunerated and are not entitled to benefit financially from any activities of The Company.

The proceedings of scheduled Board Meetings and the Annual General Meeting are recorded by way of minutes.

Oversight of Company activities is carried out by the Board so executive meetings are convened as and when required with participation by relevant Board members and external parties.

Administration support is provided by suitably experienced volunteers and/or by the offices of the Auditors.

The Company has written guidance, procedures & policies in place for; (1) Board Membership, (2) Board Membership Guidelines, (3) Board Membership Accountability & Code of Conduct, (4) Conflicts of Interest and (5) Governance Requirements.


Company Law

The Company’s Financial Statements are subject to Audit. No adverse or modified audit opinions have been reported by the independent Auditor for any year.

Company Law compliance in relation to approval of annual financial statement, and related matters, and filings in the Companies Registration Office is carried out by adherence to a formal approvals process.