Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Homeless Care CLG (the Company) is to provide a purpose built residential facility as a learning and support center for young adults who are leaving state care.

While the Company has developed a specialised facility for this purpose, it will outsource day to day management to a suitably skilled operator experienced in this field. The Company’s governance model is therefore predicated on this operational model.

The Board of Directors is comprised of five highly experienced and respected individuals who possess considerable senior managerial experience, and all of whom actively participate at board level in both commercial and not for profit organisations.

The Company is registered with:

  • The Companies Registration Office  — CRO no.: 554299
  • The Charities Regulator — Registration no: 20142285
  • The Revenue Commissioners — Tax Registration no.: 3325050HH, Charitable Status no.:CHY21475
  • The Housing Agency Regulation — Status: Tier 1

Primary Objective


To provide a suitable facility to accommodate out of state care for young homeless adults aged between 18 and 25 in the County Kildare area. The facility is comprised of self-catering residential units with ancillary training, recreation, catering, supervisory and administrative amenities in order to foster self-reliance and to prepare the residents for eventual fully independent living within the greater community.

Secondary Objectives


To identify and appoint 8 suitably qualified and experienced care facility operators to manage, maintain and secure the premises and deliver the range of services for which the facility was designed and intended.


To promote compliance with all statutory, regulatory and legal requirements relevant to such a facility.

Supporting Organisations & Professional Advisors

We would like to thank our supporting organisations & professional advisors for their continued support and backing throughout the homeless care project.

Kildare County Council

Agent for CAS funding

Ulster Bank


Smyth & Son Solicitors, Dundalk

Legal Advisors

John P Greely & Company